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Thinking of going up? Future designs are highly skilled in the design and construction of second storey additions

Second story additions

Second story home additions and extensions Perth

Going up?

Future Designs’ renovation builders are highly skilled in the design and construction of second storey home extensions. A second storey renovation is a great way to expand your existing home, especially if you prefer to stay where you currently live and have local school/community commitments that you would prefer not to change. When this type of construction is performed correctly it can not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your home but it can also dramatically increase the value of your property.

There are many misconceptions of construction methods in the West Australian market relating to additions to existing homes. When a home renovation is designed using the appropriate alternative materials, they are equal, if not better, than their standard counterpart, consisting of concrete suspended slab/double brick construction.

Aesthetic appeal

At Future Designs, we primarily focus on the design aspects of a new second storey extension. A client doesn't want their new home renovation to look out of place with their existing residence. We work with you to create a design that either compliment the current house style or if preferred, transform the entire property to achieve aesthetic uniformity while also creating warmth and class. We have a vast knowledge of external finishes and lighting to give a house a character that personalises the owner.

Design methods

There are a variety of alternative construction materials on offer to build your dream second storey. The main advantages to building with alternative materials are cost-effectiveness compared to standard building methods, faster construction and energy efficiency requirements. There are some fantastic alternative building methods and materials on offer in the industry that are used in the Eastern States of Australia and other parts of the world for a considerable amount of time.
These construction methods are only starting to be utilised here in Perth. Future Designs and their tradesmen have vast experience in these alternative methods of construction and have applied these skills on past projects. These materials provide the ability to create a second storey for our clients that is sophisticated and stylish while not breaking the bank.