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Home Renovations

Home extensions are an incredibly rewarding endeavour.

Upgrading your existing home?

It is integral that you plan your home renovation well to maximise the existing space to achieve the best possible outcome. Making sure that allocating specified areas to the best position while also looking at the most practical solutions is vital to creating a functional home. Future Design Builders have the experience and resources necessary to produce these elements within your desired home extension or renovation, with years of experience in home building and renovation projects.

Materials and advice

As the leading renovation builders in Perth, we have a vast knowledge and understanding of building materials and their application. We focus on what design and finish the client would like to achieve within their home renovation while also offering guided advice on what finishes and products work well together to create a home that represents the owners tastes and style. Having understanding of these areas is a must when renovating your home, using the appropriate material or materials for a specific function or finish is imperative and should be done by a professional if you want a quality renovation experience.

Get the job done right

Our tradesmen are selected for their professionalism, service and expertise. We will not compromise on using a labourer or handymen to do a job that should be carried out by a reputable tradesperson. When home owners take up renovating for themselves they are always taking a big risk, ending up more often than not with a poorly performed outcome. Owners that are trying to get it done cheaper may not have the reputable contacts, scheduling and problem solving experience to carry out the works properly and efficiently. Remember, building and home renovation is not like a reality television show, its a skilled industry and should be done by those trained accordingly.

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