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Looking for a two storey home builder based in Perth?

As a new home builder we are focused on producing homes that have quality and reflect the clients personal tastes while also giving the client many options in relation to external design and finishes. We believe that any person, if they had a choice, would prefer a new home that they not only love but that also has design aspects that are unique to their home, not almost identical or similar to every other house on their street.

We provide so much more than a regular builder.

What we offer that other builders can't

Theres more often than not a resounding feeling that people don’t have a great experience with the bigger glossy project builders in the Perth market. Whether it is big delays with the building schedule, can’t get in contact with their client liaison, concerns about the quality of the workmanship seem to go left unheard and the list goes on. The problem lies with production, not enough hands to do a mountain of work onsite leaves project builders hiring sub-contractors that aren’t really tradesmen and deliver a poor job or they just don’t care. More often than not people are left with an average quality finish and by the end of it they’re to tired to care about complaining.

Here at Future Designs we are committed to delivering a high standard finish every time we build or renovate, we are able to achieve this because we use specifically picked tradesmen that are a class above the rest. We don’t build 100 homes a year therefore our trade base isn’t dwindled down to having to use people we do not know. If we need more skilled trades we research their background and work history to find out their ability to perform the work to a high standard on a new home.

We also are focused on creating a new home that delivers unique design qualities, not the “run of the mill” project home. There are small changes and additions that can be made to deliver a finished home that stan

Quality over quantity

When Future Designs price a new two storey home we specify all the materials and finishes that are priced within that home. We don’t add on additional items that should really be part of the original price such as sound proofing or sarking to sub-floor areas etc. We make sure that everything is discussed prior to signing a contract to build with us to make sure that the client knows exactly what they are getting when they are ready to start building.

If these considerations discussed appeal to you why not contact us now to discuss your new home project.