Future Designs

Carefully Planned Approach

Our process


Discuss Your Project

Our first step after contact will be to discuss over the phone project ideas briefly and how we could offer our services to complete your project and whether we are the right renovation company for your home alteration. If we think your job is suitable for our type of work, we will arrange a time to meet to discuss further..


Initial Consultation 

When we meet, we will discuss more elaborately, your project thoughts, and what you would like to achieve. Talking about the design, non-negotiable project inclusions, budgets and timeframes. We will also explain our builder's insurance and how our policies and procedures cover you.

Concept Drawings

From this point, we will discuss and organise a preliminary design of your extension or renovation. A cleverly detailed plan is the number one key to a successful home extension project, and we are experts in designing new spaces to maximise the efficiency and beauty of any new home extension. Your preliminary design may evolve during the design stage to achieve your ideal home addition or renovation and fit your budget.

Onsite Assessment 

Once the preliminary drawing is completed and approved by the clients, we organise our resident supervisor to do a detailed site inspection to ensure an accurate estimate. It typically only takes an hour and is crucial to providing you with a clear assessment and determine any extra cost that may present itself during construction. In specific projects, we may involve our engaged plumber and electrician contractors to attend the visit to ensure their work is evident concerning the estimated price.

Present Project Estimate

Once completed, we will provide you with a detailed preliminary budget with cost breakdowns of stages that are based on the approved concept drawings and site assessment. This stage is essential and imperative to avoiding budget blow-outs during construction. Depending on your budget, the design may need to be altered, or selected finishes may need to be downgraded as a compromise, so you are happy with the final price.

Working Drawings

Once the scope of works and the estimated budget is approved, we can start getting the working and engineers drawings created, along with the project specifications and your selections for the build. Once completed, they are ready to be submitted to the council. You will also receive a 30min consultation with our interior designer to discuss and choose external and internal finishes, paint selections and fixtures.

Fixed Price Quote

Once you receive your drawings, we will provide you with a fixed price quotation based on the details provided. This is necessary because some selections and specifications may change due to client fixture selections, lighting selections, external selections and engineering drawings and details. Our price estimates are usually very close to the final quote; however, this process must be followed until we have final approved plans. You will have a well-documented quote that will outline the works we will be performing and clarity to what will be completed by us.

Signed Contract

Once you have approved the quotation, we will provide you with our building contract to sign with the approved working drawings and addenda to specification documents. Our contracts are written by the Housing industry of Australia, so you know they meet Australian building contract laws and regulations.

Construction Begins!

Once a construction start date is booked, we will organise a general health and safety meeting prior to starting with you and the family. We will also explain our builder's insurance and how you are covered by our policies. With us, communication is paramount to a great home renovation or extension so throughout your project we will;  Communicate with you frequently regarding progress and any other concerns or other information.  Have our supervisor engage the subcontractors onsite and check their work.  Make sure your project runs efficiently and is well coordinated.  Organise onsite meetings to discuss work stages like; subcontractor meetings to determine tile and paint selections, variation to contract items and any onsite concerns that may arise.