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Back in the '90s, I started working in the building industry and became a tradesman in my field. I quickly learned that I loved the building process, but above all, I loved design and seeing a project come to life. After working in my trade for many years and studying, I envisioned my own business in the residential market, to offer people unique design and not just another cookie-cutter home. For a time, I supervised construction while working on my own company. Since 2009 I have been running Future Designs and developing a brand that offers something different than the majority of what's on offer for clients in the industry. Unique and innovative design is the core of our vision at Future Designs, offering personalised experiences and outcomes for our clients. Our team and I are committed to supporting you in your building journey. We care about our clients and what they want to accomplish. It is as much as a personal experience for us as it is for you. Regards, Luke Fischer.

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The Future Designs team has over 20 years of experience in the building industry, ranging from project management, architectural design, Trade backgrounds, and supervision roles within our organisation. We have transferred that knowledge over the last ten years to develop a highly skilled and reputable team in Future Designs that offers the highest service and care to our clients. We specialise in home extensions, second storey additions and home renovations due to our extensive knowledge of residential construction. We assure a high level of quality and a lifetime structural guarantee to all our projects. We offer a controlled, systematic approach to our work so that our clients always feel confident during the building process and are constantly engaged. Our information pack we send to new clients explains our methods in detail, so they are informed and educated during the entire renovation experience.

Efficient Time Management

We strive to deliver our projects to set schedules to give our clients confidence that the project will be as efficient as possible. Time management is essential to us; that is why we use site scheduling software that our onsite supervisors use to prevent lengthy delays of materials or booking of subcontractors. Our suppliers and contractors are informed ahead of construction pre-start, detailing the information they require to deliver a smooth process during construction. Assured and proven implementation of effective scheduling procedures provides efficient results for every project that we do.

Information At Your Fingertips

Our company has policies and procedures designed to keep you informed, at all stages, during the construction process. Our systems enable clients to send messages so they can have their questions answered quickly, understand and have an outcome. We keep our clients in the loop, notifying them of specific stages of the project while updating the completion date if required. We also make sure that our clients have walkthroughs of the project and site meetings when required to finalise decisions like tile selections and design, cabinetry appraisal, external finishes and paint selections. We are transparent with our clients on any changes they make during construction by keeping them informed with clear communication and onsite meetings, so they know where they stand at the end of their project.

Designed To Fit Your Budget

With us, you can be confident when we cost our projects as a lump sum price you will pay no extra. We accomplish this by doing detailed assessments of potential new projects, offer a preliminary design and determine client selections so our quoting is accurate, negating any potential pitfalls by adding margins later which can upset the process. When we initially meet with you, we will determine what you want to achieve with your renovation or home extension and carefully design a plan and outline to fit your ideas and budget. We will also give you some idea of cost so we don't waste your time quoting something you may not be able to afford. We use trusted building methods and a variety of materials that can save you money and get you the finish you would like to achieve.

Service And Quality

At Future Designs, our team, systems and experience set us apart from many competitors to provide you with a quality and carefully planned project with a high level of finish and attention to detail. Our resident architect and designers offer expert design solutions to existing home structures and layouts that give you the best possible outcome for your new home renovation or extension. We implement your taste and styles into the project while also offering design advice and guidance to those who need it. We also use proven and efficient site assessment checks carried out by our supervisor to ensure quality control right through the construction stages, through to completion. Design quality and attention to the details of the project, we know it's essential to create an enjoyable building experience for clients.


The contractors we work with are highly efficient and skilled, possessing a rich understanding of the building industry and a strong knowledge of alterations and addition projects. Tradespeople are the foundation of any building business. At Future Designs, we address our tradespeople with appreciation and respect, which they repay us with consistent and reliable top-quality finishes, every single time.

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Design Manager/ Architect

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